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I’ve worked with top tech companies like Amazon, Evernote, InVision, Trello, Appcues, Zapier, and others to create blog posts, long-form SEO articles, eBooks, website copy, and more. My content consistently ranks in the number one spot on Google for client-designated keywords and has driven thousands of shares, new email subscribers, email trial signups, and app downloads. My stories have even been featured on the homepage of 

I specialize in content around tech, productivity, and design. 

I’d love to chat about how the written word can improve your business.


I can help you with:

content creation

I can help you generate new leads, create content for social media or emails, boost your traffic, and more. I quickly adapt my writing style to your target audience and feel equally comfortable writing a 140-character tweet or a 5,000-word eBook.


I specialize in long-form, SEO content that consistently ranks in the top three spots on Google for the identified keyword. We’ll work come up with a list of valuable keywords for your business, then I’ll craft an in-depth, educational piece of content.

social media

Social media and content go hand-in-hand, and you should work with someone who understands both. I craft compelling posts to bring more traffic to your blog, manage the day-to-day activity on your channels, and help with influencer outreach.                         


Let’s chat! 

I’d love to learn more about your business goals and how content can make an impact.    

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